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We offer you a set of36+ modules covering the complete needs of your educational institution. Try EduOmega and make your educational institute environment more sustainable and successful.

From streamlining processes, automating tasks, and empowering teachers to boosting parental involvement and engaging students, EduOmega has been helping Educational Institutes to improve performance at all levels.

New features of EduOmega

Multi institute Management in a single Software with Super Admin Portal

  1. Single click login & switching between all institutes in the group
  2. Generate comparative reports between the institutes
  3. Manage all the registered users in the software from one screen

SMTP configuration setup in the Notify Module.

Fees Module for enhanced usability.

Added support for even more SMS gateways.

Core Modules

Dashboard Module

Allow the users to view the News, Events and the mails from a single screen.

System Activity Log

Keep track of everything happening in the EduOmega system. All user activity is tracked here with date and time.

Internal Messaging

Write, read and forward the messages to other users easily and fast and enhance Parent-Teacher-Student interactions.

News and Events-Calendar

Create, manage and have quick access to the calendar and track the upcoming events.

Student Module

Get easy access to student particulars, their fee payments, courses, grades, attendance, parents' information, disciplinary records, and other reports, anytime.

Teacher Module

Create and manage various teacher details from a single area

Course Module

EduOmega has a powerful course management system where multiple courses and batches can be handled on a same dashboard.

Translation/Localization (* Coming Soon)

Change the default language in EduOmega to your language and make it even more easy-to-use.

User Role Management

Allows creation of custom user types by modular access control. Control user access rights and only display content that is relevant for them.

Import Module

Allows student and employee details to be imported from excel sheets and CSV files. Also helps to create users for students, parents and teachers with no user accounts.

Primary Modules

Examination Module

Create exams and set various grading levels batchwise and observe the progress of each student.

Attendance Module

Create and monitor various employee and student attendance records. Get the details of availed and available leaves.

Timetable Module

The comprehensive timetable Feature in EduOmega, allows generating, maintaining and monitoring timetables with speed and ease.

Fees Module

A flexible Fee management system to Create, monitor and manage paid and payable fees.

Reports Module

Audit and manage a variety of reports and have them ready for a quick review whenever necessary.

Downloads Module

With Downloads module, the users get a simple file transfer interface to upload or download the files to/from the application server.

Export Module

Allows Backup or export the Student and Employee details from EduOmega to CSV Excel files.Convenience of selecting the data fields to be exported.

Notify Module

Send out group messages via Email and SMS to specific groups of users. Edit and manage templates for regular tasks.

PayPal Integration (Coming Soon)

Collect and Make payments via PayPal.

Document Management

Verify, Save and Manage soft copies of Important documents relating to the Students and Teachers such as certifications.

Complaints Management

Manage complaints registered by the Students , Parents and Teachers.

Backup Management

Take Backup of the System data and Restore it in case of Emergency.

Theme Management

Change the Color scheme of EduOmega to Match your taste.

System Upgrade Management

Schedule time for system upgrade. Make the portals offline during the system upgrade.

Module Management

Enable / Disable the modules in the application for ease of use.

Online Enrollments

Make your admission process more speedy and efficient by taking it online. Define a custom enrollment process with online approval and online-payments.

Online Examinations

Create and Grades online Examinations including MCQ and Essay questions.

Student and Teacher Achievements

Manage a record of the Positive and Negative record of Students and Teachers, including any files such as Merit certificates or Disciplinary Memos.

Addon Modules

Hostel Module (coming soon)

Allow you to List and manage room details. Helps you to manage mess, menu types, and assign cuisines to students.

Transport Module (coming soon)

Allows you to add vehicle and driver details, create routes and stops. Allot students to routes and manage educational insitute transport fees.

Library Module

Helps you to search and list all books and manage the lending, returning and renewal of books. And also send reminder SMS about the due dates.

Purchase Module

Manage all activities of Purchase Management such as Requesting, Requisition, Sale and Distribution of Items.

HR Module (coming soon)

Manage Employee Payroll and Generate Salary Reports.

Teacher Portal

Dashboard which allow the teacher to view the news, events and the mails from a single screen. Upload lecture notes, assignments for students and also create student logs.

Student Portal

Dashboard which allow the student to view the News, Events and the mails from a single screen.Helps to download notices, forms, assignments, lecture notes etc.

Parent Portal

Dashboard which allow the parents to view the News, Events and the mails from a single screen. Allow them to view Course, attendance, time-table, fee details, exam results etc. of the wards. Helps them to upload student documents.


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