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  • Managing Academic Years
  • Managing courses, batches and subjects
  • Managing teachers and associating them with subjects/batches
  • Managing timetable and weekdays


Make it your own

If you have a question that is not answered below, please Contact our Happiness team and they will be glad to answer your question.

EduOmega has various modules that assist you in managing the students, teaching and non-teaching staff of your Coaching / Insitute / School. These modules can handle registrations, Admissions, Timetable preparation, Fee collection, Exam-schedule, Lesson planning, Question paper preparation, Payroll, Student inquiries, Library, Student progress report, Leaves of Staff and many more. By using web-based and user-friendly EduOmega, your happiness and comfort level will be enhanced multi fold. EduOmega has a simple and elegant dashboard, which can help you in finding all the key features very easily, and helps to navigate through them with relative ease. With advent of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, we have taken great care to make sure that EduOmega is compatible with Android and IOS mobile devices. Their mobile-friendly design allows user to use EduOmega without facing any kind of compatibility problems.

Managing an educational institution requires a lot of administrative work and EduOmega helps you do the job with minimal effort and costs. We help you in handling lengthy paperwork such as student records, attendance and staff accounts easily. EduOmega is very user-friendly and is a convenient choice for all kinds of institutes/coachings/schools and colleges whether big or small. EduOmega also has an SMS alert feature that keeps the entire school network in touch. Handling, counting and preparing all sorts of records and important documents can now be done via EduOmega.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express payments via PayPal. If your country does not support PayPal, please Contact the Happiness team for more information regarding alternative payment methods.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. You pay the license cost only once, and you pay the support cost yearly, you can cancel your support plan at any time.

Do I get an invoice?

Yes. All invoices are available and printable by accessing your EduOmega Account.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, we have a 14 Day trial for anyone that wants to test it out. If you are already signed up, you can request an additional Demo instance by Contacting our Happiness team. We have a public demo that allows you to test out our key features.

What plan is right for me?

We have plans that cover most Insitute/Coaching/School sizes and situations. Select the plan that suits your current size, people and data demands and adjust plans as your needs change.

How do I pay for EduOmega?

You can purchase a selected plan with your Visa or MasterCard OR by making a Bank WIRE transfer. SSL encryption and Level 1 PCI Compliance ensures that your data remains secure.

What currencies are supported?

We offer GBP, EUR and USD. Your local currency is automatically set based on your location so you don't need to worry about choosing one yourself. In case of any issues with payments, please Contact our Happiness team.

Will EduOmega work on my device?

EduOmega will work on both Mac and PC computers, as well as modern smartphones and tablets. All you need is an internet connection and the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari. We also have Native apps for Android and iOS devices.

What If I can't find a plan that fits?

Contact Happiness team our and we will help craft a custom solution for you!

Do I need to enter credit card information to start a trial?

A credit card is not necessary in order to start your free 14-day trial of EduOmega.

How long is the trial and what happens when it ends?

A free trial of EduOmega lasts for 14 days. As you start your trial and before your trial ends, a Happiness Officer will be in touch to see how things are going.

Can I upgrade my license at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade your account at any time. Contact our Happiness team to upgrade your account.

What does WIWO (The parent company of EduOmega) do?

At WIWO, we are committed to develop and release better versions of EduOmega regularly. We also have a team that designs and builds customized systems for Enterprise clients based on the EduOmega platform.

Why did you start the company?

We started the company for developing EduOmega into the best insitute/coaching/school management system in the market. Even now, we are still striving to make EduOmega live up to our Ideals.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in the market for the last 7 years.

How are you organized/structured?

We are a Private limited company that is completely Employee owned.

Who are your investors?

We have no external investors. We are fully owned by the employees.

What is EduOmega?

EduOmega is an advanced, flexible & interactive online school management system that streamlines the tasks of any educational management system with a few keystrokes or mouse clicks.

Why should I use EduOmega?

EduOmega reduces the amount of paperwork and Administrative time required for managing an educational Institution. This frees up time of the staff so that they can work on innovative and efficient work that helps you beat the competition in terms of Student Education quality. EduOmega provides you with everything that you need to manage your institute, all at one place and empowers the administrator with a Bird’s eye view of their concern. We can also design and build a customized system based on EduOmega that best suits your unique requirements.

How does EduOmega work?

EduOmega contains different modules to manage different aspects of an educational institution. For Example, the Students Module allows you to manage student registration, student details etc

EduOmega consists of different portals; the main portals available are Admin, Student, Parent and Employee. Each user can login to their portal to avail the facilities available to them. The Admin can also generate custom users and assign specific roles to them. To understand more about how EduOmega works check out our Video

Is EduOmega an Open source product?

EduOmega professional and premium editions are commercially licensed products owned by WIWO Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. EduOmega Community edition is our Open-Source product and comes with Apache 2.0 License. Please note that we do not support EduOmega community edition and it does not contain all modules that can be availed in the commercial versions.

What platforms does EduOmega run on?

EduOmega is designed as platform independent software. All you need is a web-browser in order to use EduOmega.

How is EduOmega different from other institute / coaching / school management systems?

  • We give you hands-on support using Intercom Messenger. Say goodbye to support tickets and use our instant messaging system to get help instantly.
  • Affordable pricing that stays small even as you grow in size and scale.
  • EduOmega uses a powerful, attractive and user-friendly interface
  • We have a well-organised platform with a wide range of features that is shown only to the users who need the access.
  • Easy to learn and train.
  • Lower system load compared to similar applications.

Can EduOmega be used in universities?

Yes, EduOmega can be used in any educational institutions from Kinder to High Schools to Colleges/Universities. It is designed to be compatible with any form of educational level.

Can I offer EduOmega to my clients?

Yes, you can purchase the EduOmega OEM license, which can be used for re-seller purposes. We have a tiered Partnership Programs and various levels of commitments available. To know more about these facilities, visit our Partner Page.

Is there a discount for software resellers?

Yes, our resellers are supported by our Happiness Team and they provide you with performance based incentives and constant support. In addition to the Partnership plans, we also offer referral discounts to every client referred to us.

Do you offer a special pricing for non-profit?

Yes, we offer a free and hosted version of EduOmega to certified non-fund, non-profit organizations. Please Contact our Happiness team for more details on this matter.

Can I host the system in a cloud server?

Yes, you can. Just make sure that the server meets our minimum requirements.

  • PHP 5 or later
  • Apache version 2.3 or later
  • MySQL database

How long does the price of EduOmega license cover?

EduOmega license is valid for lifetime. You also get one year of Standard support, where you can avail the support and updates applicable to your License. If you wish to have access to updates and support after the first year, you will need to renew your support package by paying a small fee

How do I uninstall EduOmega?

We are sorry to see you go! To uninstall EduOmega, please follow the instructions given here We would be grateful if you can tell us what wrong here .

(We solve most problems within a few days, so maybe we can even get you to try EduOmega again.)

What is the EduOmega Community Edition?

This is the download-able version of EduOmega, which is featured with all the Core modules. The EduOmega community edition is based on an older code base and is not directly supported by us anymore.

What are the Core Modules?

The Core Modules provided with the Community edition license is Internal Messaging and Activity Logging Module, Events & Calendar Module, Student Module, Employee Module (all the employees can be managed - both teaching & non-teaching) and Course Module.

Is the source code available for the version?

All versions of EduOmega are provided as Licenses, (which means that the ownership of the source code remains with the company). The source code is only available for unlimited distribution in the EduOmega Community Edition and limited distribution in the EduOmega OEM Edition.

What is EduOmega Professional Version?

This is the best value Product offered by EduOmega. EduOmega Professional Edition comes with all the core modules and has unlimited users, Batches and Courses. We also have advanced features such as Translation, Plugin Support, User role management, Activity Logging and Fee Module.

What are the Core Modules?

The Core Modules provided are Internal Messaging and Activity Logging Module, Events & Calendar Module, Student Module, Employee Module (all the employees can be managed - both teaching & non-teaching) and Course Module.

What are the premium modules?

Examination Module, Attendance Module , Timetable Module Fee Module, Reports Module ,Download module-- (notes , assignments , can be download by the student), Import & Export module -(import student, parent, employees. Etc... details to the application) ,Translation module , SMS Module ,Teacher Portal ,Student Portal ,Parent Portal ,Academic Year Management-(data stored in Academic year basis.),Online Enrollment and Approval (student online application for the upcoming courses ,Notify module ( SMS & Email notifications), Advanced User Role Management (for example: accounts team only aces in fee module, Hostel Module , Transport Module , Library Module.)

Is the source code available for the version?

All versions of EduOmega are provided as Licenses, (which means that the ownership of the source code remains with the company). The source code is only available for unlimited distribution in the EduOmega Community Edition and limited distribution in the EduOmega OEM Edition.

What if I need to buy additional modules?

If you need to buy any additional modules, you can Contact our Happiness team and they will guide you through it.

What if I need to upgrade my plan?

If you need to upgrade your plan, you can Contact our Happiness team and they will guide you through it.

This is our best product offering with all the basic, premium and add-on modules. Premium edition users also get priority support from our Happiness team.

Our OEM edition (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is meant for institutes/coachings/schools with multiple branches and for partners who would like to integrate EduOmega and re-brand it. Our team will also train your team for making more effective customizations and integrations.

What should I do, if I need to modify EduOmega?

If you need to make any customizations or modifications to your EduOmega License, our professional service team will help you do this. Please Contact our Happiness team with your requirements. After the feasibility study and Requirement analysis is completed, our team will respond to you with how to move forward.

Is customization free?

No, the customizations are chargeable. The customizations are charged based on the Quantity of work. For more questions regarding our custom software development process, please Contact Happiness team.

How can we backup the database and restore it?

We have a built in Back-up and restore module. You can utilize this feature for taking a backup. Once the backup is made, you may restore it if needed.

How can I manage more than one institute?

For managing multiple insitutes, you will need to purchase additional EduOmega Licenses. You can also purchase the OEM Edition of EduOmega, which lets you make 20 installations of EduOmega.

How can we transfer the License to another hosting server, in case one needs to change hosting server?

Please Contact our Happiness team for assisting you in changing the hosting server. Please note that hosting server change will not supported in the first 90 days since day of activation.

How do you support this system?

Our main support channel is via instant messaging. In addition to that, you may contact us via Email and Phone.

What is your turnaround time to deal with support request?

We will be able to give a reply within a few hours. Most issues are addressed, analyzed and fixed within 24 hours.

How many installations can I make with a single license of EduOmega?

A single license of EduOmega Professional and Premium edition is for one school. If you need to manage more than one school, you will need to buy more Licenses. For managing a group of schools at an affordable cost, EduOmega OEM and Enterprise editions will be better suited.